Onliness (songs of solitude & singularity)

I can finally announce that ‘Onliness (songs of solitude & singularity)’ will be out on 14.4.23 you can pre-order Vinyl, CD & digital Wavs here.

I have re-worked, reimagined and re-recorded some choice song selections from my back catalogue. Performed, arranged and produced by me, in my onliness.

Not a ‘best of’ or a ‘greatest hits’, not mere repackaging but a real & complete reclamation.

The first single ‘The Tangled Tree’ written in its entirety back in 2004 (many years before duos or labels) just me, my guitar playing/writing and my song. Now back where it belongs, in my hands.

Watch/Listen here

And as i say…

“Bright lights rise out and over the fire”


Cover Photography and Videography by Alec Bowman_Clarke

Guitar/Vocals – Josienne Clarke, Drums – Dave Hamblett, Keys- Matt Robinson, Bass – Alec Bowman_Clarke

Mixed & Mastered by Mike Hillier

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