Fair Weather Friends

Some thoughts on ‘friendship’ when navigating the music industry, I’ve learned a lot, mostly the hard way, about the myth of friendship and its limitations. I’ve developed some valuable rules & boundaries you might find useful to bear in mind…

A professional relationship & a friendship are not the same thing, one does not entitle you to the other by default. 

Making, maintaining friendships as adults is hard. Doing that in or around the music industry is even harder. So much interaction appears to do mainly with LEVERAGE. When you’re perceived as having a lot of it you’re surrounded by ‘friends’ when you’ve less going on those people go.

You don’t have to believe you or anyone I work/worked with owes me kindness. But then you won’t be receiving any & access to my personal life will be rescinded.

I’m deadly serious about boundaries these days. I will not endlessly explain or justify myself to anyone anymore

I don’t have a place for people who confuse the two & aren’t willing to do the legwork friendship requires

Be hurt, but being “just bizniz” will cut both ways.

Fair Weather Friends

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