I can tie you up in truth now 

You like to lie 

The way you always poured partial truths like a liquid 

Into whatever vessel suited your purpose 

No guiding principles govern your foul play 

But I have been laying the way 

Paving the path of my righteousness 

All this time 

Now I have only to collect on the promises I made 

To the truth, to myself 

I am cashing in on my own consistency of character 

Every misstep you make now further proof 

That what I say is true

And you find yourself constrained by your own move

Check. Mate.

How it can all turn

The hunter has become the hunted 

None of your tricks trip me now

Because I can learn and you cannot 

You stick to your playbook 

Never having need to adapt 

You are stiff 

Untrained and unprepared for the fight you started 

And of course I would have the last word

All the words were always mine 

You stole them from my mouth 

Till I close it indefinitely

Perhaps in this silence 

You will finally hear me 

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