Sea Air

You can think a sea breeze will cure all your ills 

Escape to its briny saline moisture medically administered by air to the lungs 

The promise of its endless floating freedoms

But you are only ever as free as your own mind permits 

This door is a window where you sit and admire the ebb and flow beyond 

You heard them say “we each are the masters of our own destiny” 

But you scarcely believed it, with that grip on your wrist

The tingling tangibility of your hunter’s trist, trust up in faith you’d never let slip YOUR heart wasn’t in it

You can only ever be owned if you gift your captor ownership 

The door to your mind can always be opened and closed

Be changed from a window to the whole world 

You can dive deep at any moment into oblivion beyond 

He doesn’t hold you 

His weak grip you perceived as slack rope that could tighten at any time 

You thinking a noose

doesn’t kill you till it’s taut 

all danger is impending, imminent, potential

So you believe if you jumped the cliff’s edge it would catch you 

But scissors and knives you never needed exist 

The ultimate trap

a prison with no bars

a window without glass 

The frame and nature of limitation held by nothing but air 

The sea air and you could smell it all along 


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