In Association With Creative Scotland

I’m very pleased to announce I’ve been awarded an Open Fund Creative Scotland grant to help make my new album, we record at Watercolour Studios, Fort William in January.

Thanks to Alec Bowman_Clarke for helping with my application, Mary Ann Kennedy for her assistance and Jamie Houston of Creative Scotland for their support in my new artistic endeavours in Scotland.

More album news to follow in time…


  1. Just want you to know that I was driving my dog to day care in Boston the other day, and your song “Chicago” came over the radio (folk station WUMB). I listened to every single word and came out of my car humming the melody. The message of failure and persistence and “you sing and play and make things/for that’s all that you can do” is a message I needed to hear that day—feeling often that my art is not seen or noticed. Thank you for your story and your music.


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