why i’m not live streaming

Several people have asked me about it and frankly ive fobbed you off a bit, sorry about that but no is currently where I’m at.

Obviously no offence to anyone who is, these are difficult times for the industry and people must do what they must do, it just feels unlikely to be the fix for me.

First and foremost – it’s nothing like a gig, sorry but it isn’t, I’ve always been of the opinion that good gigs are testiment to the quality of the audience rather than performer. There’s a specific alchemy that can only happen in that room together. As the audience you’ve got a job to do, you’re not passive, you’re not watching telly. The performer offers you something and unless you take it up, it falls, the songs have to land somewhere, you have to catch them. Like a weird emotion tennis! It isn’t possible to do that on screen even live so it may as well be, rehearsed, recorded and edited, a one sided offering.

I need to see you, I need to feel your presence in the room, no amount of encouraging facebook comments will be the same, they’ll simply be distracting. So for the foreseeable future I have no plans to stream you things, but that is not to say that I’ve forgotten you, I’ve thought about it and come up with something I can stand by, something more me, my own unique solution.

An archive collection of song sketches and early demos, 53 songs, 85 minutes of previously unheard rarities

I miss you all, so much


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