Goodbye 2010-2019

I always feel a pressure to say something at this time of year, I spend all year using words in a particular order to sum it all up and come to conclusions. This is harder than other years as we approach an entire new decade, we need to put the last one finally to rest.

Well for the good and the bad, I do feel like I’m ready to say to goodbye to it.

Goodbye to a decade long career in one seemingly inalterable duo form, to its beauty, to the success of it, to the power it had, to the dissonance of that and his resentment, to his thanklessness, to its positivity vacuum, its growing toxicity, to how painful it had become to sustain. It will never be undone. That work is there forever. A testament to talent and hard work, to my strength and endurance; and proof that however hard the lesson I can learn it. Sometimes the winning move is to give up playing entirely and leave the table with your head held high, in the knowledge you did all you could with what you had.

And so let it be buried at Sea

And any time we truly find the answers they’ll have concluded us

This year I began my new decade early by recording and releasing ‘In All Weather’ as a solo artist again. Brave and true as I have always been, prepared for failure but pleased to fly. That is how I intend to continue.

You know me, always got plenty of ideas, always planning a few moves ahead. So I have some small and some big plans ready for next year, professionally and personally, I’m excited to try them all out…

“Underestimate Josienne Clarke at your peril.” – No Depression Magazine

From now on it’s nothing but Poise, Poetry & Pride for me

Anything else can do one. Be nice or be gone, art is not a competitive sport, my love is not finite but it is precious and you can’t have it if you don’t acknowledge its value.

And finally… my Resolution with the poise of poetry and the pride to share it with you even though it’s rubbish

#Poem 9
I do not speak subtext anymore 
No longer do I wrangle with the entangled communication 
If you have something to say, just say it 

However unkind. 
I promise not to mind more for your honesty 

But don’t try to blind me with your offensive defensibility 
The trick you stick with is the cruelest of slights 
The slow trickle of truth from a sewn mouth
The barbed knife,

Insidious insinuation device

Regardless the work is all mine, to refuse to find the hidden messages 
To change my ears and the way that I hear things 
And what I take to heart. 

A place of limited space must not have an open gate policy 

I must finally learn that all must earn their time

For a kingdom of carefully crafted kindness 


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